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State Advisory Vacancies
Written by PACE Megan   

The State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education was formed in response to legislation passed in 2009.  Representatives from many entities from the public school community have been appointed to the Council either by the State Board of Education or the Commissioner of Education. Currently the Council has vacancies in two specific membership groups:  parents of children enrolled in a publicly funded school (preschool through higher education) and a representative of an organization that represents parents and students who advocate in the areas of equality and justice in education, racial justice for youth, and immigrant rights.  Please e-mail Sandra Searls for more information regarding membership vacancies. 


Welcome to National School Choice Week
Written by PACE Megan   
The first ever National School Choice Week started yesterday! This week, January 23-29, groups of students, parents, and teachers are joining hands in supporting choice in education. Grassroots organizations from all over the country are celebrating this monumental occasion with events in almost every state.
Text Messages Top Causes of Lost Teachers Licenses in Tennessee
Written by PACE Megan   
New technologies have completely revolutionized the way we communicate. From Facebook wall posts, to text messages and blogs, we can communicate at all times and almost anonymously. However, this new form of impersonal communication can wreak havoc in the work place, especially for teachers who work with children. A recent Associated Press report finds that more than half of Tennessee teachers who lost their teaching licenses last year were revoked for inappropriate relationships with students, mostly through text messages.  
Common Sense + Educator Ethics
Written by PACE Megan   

I received an email over the break that started me thinking and also disappointed me. Basically, the email inquired about teacher training dealing with appropriate behavior and relationships between teachers and students. It was not the inquiry which was an issue for me. I want to help people find the professional resources they need. My issue was with the need for this inquiry to be made.


Virtual Students Used to Train Future Teachers
Written by PACE Megan   

With the call for school reform, there has been a lot of buzz on reforming and enhancing teacher education as well. With advancing technologies, online learningplans have been gaining ground all over the country. Two new virtual education programs called TeachME and simSchool have been gaining praise as innovative ways to prepare student teachers for real-life classroom experiences. 

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