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The Professional Association of Colorado Educators
Labor Showdown Goes National
Written by PACE Megan   
As thousands still march in Madison, Wisconsin, the battle for public-sector forced unionism continues. Democratic state legislators have refused to return to the state for a vote and thousands of public employees continue to miss work for protests. While the battle rages on in Wisconsin, both Ohio and Indiana are experiencing similar protests over union-crippling legislation.
2011 Rachel’s Challenge Educator’s Summit Announced
Written by PACE Megan   

The second annual Rachel’s Challenge Educators’ Summit, Conference & Exhibit will be held June 22-24 at the Plano Centre in Plano, TX.

Valentine's Day-- If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join Em
Written by PACE Megan   

Hearts, red, pink candy, flowers (plastic and real), cards, blushing faces, a few tears , and Val-o-grams. Ah, it must be Valentine's Day at the middle school. I could never bring myself to "ban" the holiday in class. I love the sentiments of love too much. I even brought in treats for a year or two.

Member Mention: Pinnacle Charter School Educator Attended Conference with PACE Scholarship
Written by PACE Megan   

The Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE) is pleased to announce that Mrs. Carpenter, teacher at Pinnacle Charter School, was awarded a scholarship to attend the annual Colorado Music Educational Association Professional Development conference.  

Stranger than Fiction: Sick Student Using Robot to Attend School
Written by PACE Megan   
We often mention advances in technology on the AAE blog. Stories ranging from students organizing online study groups to learning Chinese through remote video conferencing in Shanghai have all been making national headlines. This week a sick boy in Texas is all over the blogosphere for a new technology that lets him attend class without ever leaving his home.
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