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PACE believes every charter school educator should make an informed, active, and voluntary choice regarding association membership--and we look forward to serving you if you choose PACE.

PACE serves teachers, professors, paraprofessionals, classified staff, and administrators throughout Colorado. PACE serves hundreds of charter school educators who were tired of the partisan politics, high dues, negativity, and underwhelming service of the other associations. PACE is partnered with the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Enjoy these two videos, the first includes PACE members discussing why they teach and why they joined PACE; the second introduces you to the Association of American Educators, of which PACE is a state chapter:


PACE Professional Membership includes:

  • $2,000,000 liability insurance policy--peace of mind letting you focus on your students
  • Employment rights coverage--attorneys when your job is threatened
  • Defense against lawsuits--including $35,000 in defense coverage to protect your license!
  • Professional resources, quality newsletters, and genuine educator advocacy
  • Membership surveys amplifying your voice and your perspective
  • Discounts on insurance policies (including life & auto), shopping, and groceries
  • $60,000 of no-cost life insurance for two years for eligible* new members (*59 and younger)
  • Absolutely no partisan politics, election spending, or candidate endorsements

All for only $16.50/month

you can sign up today online

Join today, it is fast and easy. Also, there are no complicated "opt out" provisions or deadlines to exit if you ever change your mind.

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Our membership services specialists are available at 1-800-704-7799 and would be happy to answer your questions or process your membership application.

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