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PACE Member & National Teacher Fellow Invites PACE Teachers to Vote with their Voice
posted by: Charity | October 16, 2015, 05:29 PM   
In this role, she represents teachers throughout Colorado and across the nation. As a passionate high school history and civics teacher In Aurora Public School District, Cullis is excited to give classroom teachers the voice they deserve in education policy.


However, being selected as a National Teacher Fellow is a huge responsibility because it takes hundreds of classroom experiences to generate the voice Cullis represents. Cullis describes this opportunity as, “A GREAT [way] for those of us in the trenches to impact education.” Cullis is currently conducting a brief survey containing 5 questions. Will you participate in this survey?

Hope Street Group is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, picking up where think tanks leave off. Cullis would like to invite PACE teachers to take the survey and personally connect with teachers who want to vote with their voice in order to bring about policy change for future teachers.


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