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PACE Signs on to National School Choice Week
posted by: Tim | January 23, 2015, 07:30 PM   

From January 23rd through January 31st, teams of supporters in all learning environments will come together to send a strong, unified message that teachers, parents, and students alike deserve (and benefit from) choice in education!

In celebration of National School Choice Week, PACE is proud to be honoring one of Colorado’s excellent educational options, GOAL Academy! PACE has teamed up with GOAL to host two celebrations to celebrate the teachers, parents, and students who have chosen to attend GOAL, a blended learning school serving thousands of students throughout the state.

At PACE, we recognize that school choice is a vital component of the education reform movement, and we believe teachers need choices, too. We know that students learn differently, so a one-size-fits-all learning environment does little to meet the needs of all stakeholders – and school choice is a valuable tool for all parties. To inspire genuine learning, parents, students, and educators must have the power to choose the learning environment that is best suited for their individual needs.

PACE Membership Director Tim Farmer recognizes the potential that comes with choice in education. “School Choice Week is a nonpartisan and nonpolitical movement to focus attention on the benefit of high quality educational options for teachers and students," he said. “We’re thrilled to represent an authentic voice for classroom teachers across Colorado!”

As a professional association of educators, PACE is uniquely positioned to join the conversation and make sure PACE member voices are heard when it comes to school choice. By joining this network of organizations, we can directly affect policy that will have a profound impact on improving and modernizing education.

Be a part of the movement this week! Click here for more information. Make sure to read up on these frequently asked questions about School Choice Week! We hope you’ll get involved!

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