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Administrative Bloat: A Growing Problem in the U.S.
posted by: Tim | January 05, 2015, 08:42 PM   


In fact in 2009, the state of Virginia alone employed over 60 thousand more non-teachers than it did teachers. And yet, the United States has little to show for it's top-heavy approach when it comes to student scores in math, reading, and science finding itself with average to below-average marks compared to other OECD nations.

Other nations, such as Poland, are putting their budgets towards raising teacher standards, providing more incentives for high-achieving students to become teachers, and making sure their teachers are top quality.

So this begs the question...are we making the best use of educational spending? Should we be investing in quality teachers?

Some experts argue that we, as a nation, should be putting more of our money towards pay, implementing innovative digital learning programs, and giving parents educational savings accounts.


What improvements do you think should be made to education spending in the U.S.?
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