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Charter Schools are Better Spenders
posted by: Tim | October 22, 2014, 09:16 PM   

These are critical findings because of the nation-wide disparity of federal charter school funding versus traditional public school funding. 

According to this study, despite the disparity, charter schools are proving their competitive edge to traditional public schools when comparing national math and reading assessments and long term economic gains. 

Consider these report findings from the Department of Education Reform, the Center for Research on Education Outcomes, and the Center for Reinventing Public Education and Mathematica Policy Research

• For every $1,000 invested, public charter schools gave students a weighted average of an additional 17 points in math and 16 additional points in reading. 
• When compared to traditional public schools, NAEP assessments showed charters nationwide to be 40% more cost effective. 
• In some cities, such as Washington, D.C. this percentage gap reached more than 100 percent. 
• Public Charters delivered a 3% increase in lifetime economic gains for students attending a charter for 1 year. 
• Public Charters delivered a 19% increase in lifetime economic gains for students attending a charter for half their K-12 education (6.5 years). 
• Charter school students are more likely to graduate from high school, go to college, stay in college, and have higher earnings in early adulthood. 
• Charter Schools do a better job at teaching low income students, minority students, and students still learning English

The fact is charter schools are delivering on their promise to produce a high quality education. And reports like these are finding their way into the hands of lawmakers who are desperately trying to get the most ‘bang’ out of their educational investment. 

Educators should have choices when deciding when, where and how to teach kids. AAE supports any policy that gives teachers new and rewarding career opportunities and any legislation that paves the way for new and innovative learning environments, including charters and virtual schools. 

What kind of difference would funding equality bring to your charter school?
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