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PACE Supports Creation of Apprenticeship Programs for New Teachers
posted by: Tim | May 13, 2014, 09:24 PM   


“I completed a one-year alternative licensure program, during which I spent a full year co-teaching with a mentor teacher. I felt very well prepared to have my own classroom after that year,” said Colorado Springs School District teacher Deborah Thorne.

Pueblo School District teacher Alicia Herrera added, “Research has shown that if we properly prepare and mentor teachers at the beginning of their career then they will stay longer. Lower teacher turnover will reduce costs, but most importantly it is what is best for kids!”

Currently, teachers are required to complete a student teaching program before they are able to teach a class on their own, but many don’t think this is enough. A policy that requires the creation of a more rigorous 1-3 year paid apprenticeship under the daily supervision of a proven mentor teacher would ensure that teachers are better trained in the practice of teaching prior to receiving their professional license.

“It takes time to learn the basics of being a classroom educator and right now too many new teachers are learning on the job during their first year, to the detriment of their students” said PACE Policy Director Tim Farmer. “A required apprenticeship program would give teachers the supervised training they need before they are on their own in the classroom.”

As a member-driven organization, PACE urges policymakers to respond to this call for a required apprenticeship program for new teachers.  Students deserve the best prepared teachers possible.

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