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PACE Supports Creating a Pathway for "Innovation" Teachers
posted by: Tim | April 23, 2014, 05:37 PM   


Monika Troutman, a teacher in Jefferson County, commented, “One size does not fit all and the people making decisions for students should be the professionals closest to the students. It is imperative that teachers be given more flexibility.”

Many teachers feel the pressure of top-down mandates that often make the educational process more like a box-checking routine than a professional practice of diagnosing student needs and instructing them accordingly. Similar to the “innovation” process in Colorado for schools or districts, creating an application process for individual classrooms would provide teachers with a pathway to explain how they would meet educational goals in exchange for a waiver from overly prescriptive mandates like specified curriculums, pacing guides, minimum or maximum seat time requirements, or other mandates that shackle their ability to provide a tailored educational experience that meets the unique needs of their students.

“Teachers are professionals and should be provided the flexibility to maximize their abilities,” said PACE Executive Director Dr. Kris Enright. “Providing a pathway for teachers to innovate and break free from top-down mandates is a great way to empower professional educators.”

As a member-driven organization, PACE urges policymakers to respond to this call for teacher empowerment. Teachers deserve more control of their own classrooms and students deserve an educational experience that meets their needs.

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