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PACE Recommends Teacher Licensure Changes
posted by: Tim | March 07, 2014, 05:18 PM   

After six months of meetings to discuss possible changes, the committee recommends several key reforms that will help attract a more talented pool to the teaching profession, while ensuring high standards that must be met before new teachers are allowed to teach on their own.

The committee also advocates for regulatory reform in the renewal process. The procedure must be easier to navigate and allow for a tiered system of licensing that offers different, specialized types of licenses that teachers can strive to attain.

In addition to the recommendations of the committee, PACE surveyed educators across the state to gauge support for proposed changes to the licensure system. The results indicated broad support for the committee’s recommendations, further indicating that teachers believe the licensure system is long overdue for an overhaul.

“PACE is thrilled to empower teachers to start a dialogue about improving the profession,” said PACE Executive Director Dr. Kris Enright. “It is our hope that teachers will continue to speak up on issues that affect them and their students.”

As a member-driven organization, PACE draws on direct member feedback to find out what works in Colorado’s classrooms. We encourage policymakers on all levels to respond to the call to make needed changes to Colorado’s system of teacher licensure.

committee’s full recommendations report is available on PACE’s website.

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