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New Report Gives Guidelines for School Choice Accountability
posted by: Tim | January 18, 2014, 03:38 PM   


While an increasing number of private and parochial schools are accepting scholarships, many private-school choice proponents disagree on how to best apply testing requirements to private schools. In order to create a system of choice that is also producing results for students, experts are examining policies that best hold these programs accountable.

Fordham’s toolkit gives three recommendations for maintaining necessary accountability measure for private-schools, without unnecessary over-reach:
  1. Require that all students who receive a scholarship participate in state assessments.
  2. Mandate public disclosure of those assessment results, school by school, save for schools that enroll fewer than ten students in grades that are tested. (With fewer students, disclosure of school-level information risks identifying individual pupils, hence creating privacy concerns).
  3. Use a sliding scale when it comes to acting on the test results: Private schools that derive little of their revenues from programs of this kind should be largely left alone. Those that receive more of their dollars from state initiatives should be held more accountable.

Opportunity scholarships and tax credit scholarships are just a few of the many school choice avenues celebrated during National School Choice week.

Click here
to read the full report.

Click here to view the infographic explaining the recommendations.

Do you think schools that accept choice students should be held to the same standard as traditional public schools?
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