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The Truth about PACE vs. the CEA
posted by: Tim | November 24, 2014, 06:23 PM   


1. Is it true that the liability insurance policy I receive as a PACE member excludes coverage for incidents outside of the scope of employment?

Yes, and so does the policy of the CEA. In all of our information to members PACE clearly emphasizes that the liability insurance policy covers members for incidents within the scope of their employment and not for issues that may arise in their personal life.

2. Does PACE have discretion to determine whether or not to approve a member’s liability insurance coverage?

No. PACE members receive an individual liability insurance policy in their own name. This policy covers them for incidents outlined in the policy without any discretion exercised by PACE. The truth is that the CEA’s insurance policy is in the name of the organization, not the individual, and CEA members are the ones who must be concerned about whether or not they will be allowed to use the CEA’s policy.

3. Is it true that the attorney PACE members have to use is not local?

No. PACE members are able to either use an attorney recommended by PACE or an attorney of their choosing, including an attorney who practices in their area. The flexibility of PACE’s model actually provides members with the opportunity to hire a local attorney, while the CEA will assign an attorney who may be located hours away from a member in a rural area.

4. Does PACE only cover a member in a criminal matter if they are found “not guilty” by a court?

Yes, and this is true of any insurance coverage, including the CEA’s insurance, because public policy does not allow an individual to purchase an insurance policy to cover illegal activity.

5. Is my legal support guaranteed with PACE?

Yes, the policy provides guaranteed access to legal counsel at the onset of covered workplace issues. CEA does not guarantee their members access to legal counsel, and oftentimes they refer their members to their union representatives who are not attorneys.

6. Do PACE members have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed for legal expenses?

Not usually. PACE makes every effort to work with attorneys that will bill the insurance company and not the member. However, if an attorney insists on being paid by the member, rather than the insurance company, then the member would be reimbursed immediately.


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Click here for a copy of the actual PACE liability policy.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions about our membership benefits or services. Contact PACE.

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