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Education Advocates Unite for National School Choice Week
posted by: Tim | February 01, 2013, 11:08 PM   

Please check out some of this week's coverage on this important movement:

10 Fast Facts about School Choice, Education and the Workforce Committee

Why I Support School Choice, Michael McShane, The Huffington Post

Teachers: The Unsung Heroes of School Choice, AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner,Townhall

Students Should Have the Choice of Digital Schools, Governor Jeb Bush, CNN

Beyond School Choice, Michael Horn, Forbes

Improving American Education With School Choice, The Center for Education Reform

I Support School Choice Because…, Adam Childers, Studentsfirst

Be sure to check the National School Choice Week website for the latest news and updates on the Whistle Stop Tour.

How have participated in National School Choice Week festivities? What do you think about the school choice movement?
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