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House Bill 1333 Resources
posted by: Alix | April 19, 2012, 07:08 PM   

Did you know...?

The Colorado Education Association dictates that teachers may only resign membership during a small, unadvertised window in the fall. If a teacher misses this deadline, s/he is forced to pay membership dues for the entire school year.

House Bill 1333 aims to close this inequity and more. "The bill allows a public school employee to request that his or her employer deduct dues for the benefit of a labor organization from the employee's wages. An employer is required to commence or cease making the deductions within 30 days after receiving a written request from an employee. A labor organization that receives dues from an employee's wages is required to make an annual financial disclosure to the employee. An employee may join or terminate membership with a labor organization at any time."

PACE supports HB 1333. The bill provides greater equity between union and non-union teacher organizations, and union and non-union teachers. It takes the state and school districts out of an inappropriate position of deciding which private employee associations shall and shall not have payroll deduction privileges; empowers teachers and other education employees to make financial decisions that best fit their budget and beliefs at any time of the year and for any reason; and, provides teacher and education employees with added protections of understanding how their membership dues are used. It makes sense that if a taxpayer-funded payroll deduction service is used, that the state government ensures that there is accountability and fairness in the process.

We hope that our members speak out in support of HB 1333.

House Bill 1333 Resources:

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