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Member Testimonials

“I cannot recommend more highly to every teacher the incredible support that PACE is to us in both professional development and advocacy. At my school, my colleagues and I have received expert support and protection, grants for classroom projects, and frequent updates on state and national educational policies. We are being helped to not only be recognized in our school community for the professionals we are, but we are also being held accountable to a standard of educational excellence. Personally, I have been the recipient of PACE’s advocacy support and expertise in a delicate and balanced representation that has benefited my school, my colleagues, and myself, no small feat and one for which I am truly grateful. The keyword for PACE is “respect”, and all educators are the beneficiaries. We are heard. We are understood. We are protected. We are empowered to be teachers of excellence for our students.”

Robyn, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

“PACE’s personal attention to issues that I have as a professional educator is invaluable, and I am proud to be part of an organization that supports teachers and enhances the professionalism of Colorado teachers. Thank you for all that you do for Colorado teachers.”

Earl, Chemistry & Biology Teacher

“We both feel so blessed to have been members of a great association like PACE/AAE. Although we both have been in education for nearly thirty years and members of state and national associations during most of these years, we have never had the kind of service, counsel or professional support that we have experienced from PACE/AAE over the last several years.”

Colleen, Middle School Reading Teacher & Bradley, Elementary Administrator

“I am writing to thank you for the help I received from PACE about an issue I had with my school. I have been a teacher at a charter school for the past 12 years. Recently, my daughter gave birth to a 9½-pound baby boy. Although he is healthy, my daughter needed extra help at home when she came home from the hospital. I put in my request for a day and a half sick leave so that I could spend time helping my daughter as she recovered from the baby’s birth. When I returned to school, my principal informed me that because my daughter is not a 'dependent' of mine and doesn’t live in my house, that I would have to take leave without pay for that day and a half.

"Needless to say, I was not happy. My husband suggested I contact my PACE/AAE office (I have been a member of AAE almost since its inception.) PACE contacted me immediately regarding the details of my predicament, contacted my human resources office, and dedicated many hours to researching the legalities of my situation and contacted me personally to discuss the matter.

"It is reassuring to know that I have a resource like PACE when I need help with a legal problem. I truly cannot say enough good things about this organization!”

Sara, First/Second Grade Teacher

“I have been a member of the union for my thirty plus years of teaching. However, in my first few months of being a PACE member, I have received more help than I did in all those years combined in the union. I appreciate that it's not politically involved and therefore my hard-earned money is not going to an agenda that I may not support personally. Even though many of our teachers are still part of the union, PACE staff and legal counsel have been helpful to all of our staff-again, more than the union ever has been. Thanks to PACE for their efforts in empowering teachers.”

Phyllis, Fourth Grade Teacher

“I have been a public school teacher for 17 years.  In this time I have been a member of various local, state, and national teacher organizations.  Fortunately I have never had to avail myself of legal services, but have watched with interest as the cost of dues has gone up in most organizations and the help afforded to individual members has gone down.  A few years back I chose to join AAE, and this year PACE.  This past month I was finally confronted with an issue I was not able to handle effectively on my own.  I just haven’t been schooled in the minutiae of school board and administrative policies.   I contacted PACE and received a response and instructions on how to proceed the same day, and, within a few days, with the help of PACE’s legal team, I was able to approach my administrators with confident knowledge of our school policies (which many times are difficult to pinpoint) in a professional manner.  The outcome was a positive one for me and it did not become necessary to file an official grievance with the school district.   I was also allowed the opportunity to have a representative from the organization be there with me or for me, though at this point one was not needed.  This kind of support is not usually seen, and I was given the assistance I needed when I needed it.”

Kevin, History Teacher

“This letter is a testament to the professional and devoted format in which PACE has graciously shown me over the last few months. I was introduced to PACE from a colleague who was impressed by what she had learned from the PACE website. After doing some research and making a quick call, I made an informed decision to join the organization. I was going through a rough period at my school, as I had just filed harassment charges on my principal. I felt ostracized from my school and was fearful for my future. Once I informed PACE of my situation all that changed. I was comforted by their quick response to my concerns regarding my situation. Their speedy action helped me to get through my work situation and gave me a voice from which to speak. Their intervention allowed me to get on with my job and teach to the best of my ability. I will always advocate for PACE as their mission propelled me towards mine.”

Ryan, History Teacher

"I joined PACE in the midst of a terrible situation involving my principal at the school where I work. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I was treated with extreme levels of anger and hostility during a post-observation session.  It seems the principal had decided what kind of teacher I am in the absence of his own direct observations – and it wasn’t favorable or constructive. So after filing a fruitless investigation with our human resources department, I spoke to PACE staff. As a dedicated and qualified teacher, I felt I needed an advocate to help me sort through everything. PACE helped me approach the situation with a level head and an objective mindset. Since my main goal was (and remains to be) to protect my career as a teacher, PACE counseled me in getting through the emotional turmoil caused by my principal’s verbal abuse. PACE staff specifically coached me before a painful meeting where my worst fears (termination) were fortunately not realized. I am still employed at this school, but I am hunting day and night to find an institution worthy of a teacher such as myself. If I hadn’t contacted PACE, I would certainly be worse off than I am now. PACE gave me advice that helped me realize that this situation is only one bad experience and it shouldn't steer me away from teaching.  It’s just a job, there will be others. The teaching profession needs me."

Dina, ESL Teacher

“It has been an enormous blessing to me to be a member of such a fine association.  To have access to the privilege of speaking to your expert, professional advisor; PACE, has been like a miracle oasis in a desert!  I highly recommend membership to all professional educators.”

Teresa, Special Education Teacher

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