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About Us

The Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE) is a Colorado-based, non-profit, professional educator association, dedicated to the academic and personal growth of every student.  PACE is committed to advancing the teaching profession through personal growth, professional development, advocacy and protection, as well as promoting educational excellence.  PACE strives to empower educators as professionals, promote collaborative and innovative educational partnerships, and help Colorado become a better place for teachers to teach and for students to learn.

PACE offers professional member benefits such as liability insurance and legal protection, professional development, newsletters, scholarships, classroom grants, and a voice on educational issues—but at a fraction of the cost of most other associations' dues (i.e., $19.50/month).

PACE is nonunion and nonpartisan.  PACE is incorporated as a nonprofit, professional association, IRS designation 501(c)(6).

PACE does not spend any of our members' dues on partisan politics, nor do we support or oppose controversial agendas unrelated to education.

PACE endorses more local control of education, greater parental involvement, and higher standards of excellence and accountability for all stakeholders—teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

PACE believes professional educators should be free from all forms of involuntary membership and endorsements. Furthermore, we believe strikes and walkouts are detrimental to students and to the reputation of teachers. We are dedicated to improving education through cooperation, not confrontation.

PACE represents the very best in our profession. We take our direction from practicing educators who have been recognized for their vision and excellence. We want to be your voice, too!

Professional membership in PACE is open to any employee of an educational entity. In addition, parents, business leaders, legislators and others can support our efforts by becoming an Associate/Support Member.