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Budget Cuts Threaten the Next Generation of Educators
Written by PACE Megan   


President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have often mentioned that the cornerstone of their education agenda is their focus on recruiting America's best and brightest young people to a career in teaching. With programs like the TEACH campaign, the Obama administration realizes that we are at a crossroads with our teacher workforce, as the majority of American teachers will be retiring in the next ten years. Unfortunately due to unprecedented budget shortfalls and the threat of layoffs, experts are warning that college students will be less likely to pursue a career in teaching for fear of uncertainty in the profession.

The Great Cursive Debate
Written by PACE Megan   

Most adults today remember countless hours spent practicing their cursive in elementary school. These days it's hard to remember when we last used the skill, unless maybe to sign a check. According to reports, cursive instruction is dying out all over the country. Will the once staple of a grammar school education go the way of the abacus for today's children?

Head of the Class 2.0
Written by PACE Megan   
Twitter. People are still abuzz about it. What about Twitter + classroom discussions? This communication trend tool in the classroom is only picking up speed. The benefits of emerging technologies like Twitter outweigh the downfalls. Look at this interactive class at the University of Texas at Dallas using Twitter to increase student engagement."
Social Media in the Modern Classroom
Written by PACE Megan   

While everyone knows that technology has changed our world, policymakers and education experts are still debating the value of social media in a modern day classroom. In a technology driven world, opportunities to educate children are arising everywhere. With the rise of social media and online learning, teachers need to strike a balance between using these innovative online tools and exposing them to inappropriate content and misuse.

Reform Bill Moves Closer to Passing in Florida
Written by PACE Megan   

In the wake of union-crippling legislation in Wisconsin, signed into law today, legislatures across the country are in various stages of passing their own bills that encourage education reforms and sweeping changes to union monopolies. This week Florida is making headlines for moving one step closer to their own bold law that encourages bold education reforms.

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