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Candy-less Activities for Valentine’s Day
posted by: Melissa | February 08, 2018, 08:03 PM   

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the ubiquitous elementary classroom celebrations. In years past, these celebrations were sugar fests with students providing candy alongside their cards and parents and teachers working together to provide a party for students. However in recent years, the obesity epidemic has caused many teachers to rethink the ways of old.

Rethinking how to celebrate Valentine’s Day brings its own unique problems. Obviously, you want to promote more healthful activities, but you still want to create a fun and light atmosphere. Some teachers have already figured out ways that you can walk this line in the classroom.

First, you want to start with the valentines that you give to the students. We Are Teachers has collected a list of alternative valentines that are light on the sugar and candy and vary in how difficult they are to set up and make. Many of these are classroom-themed, making them perfect for teacher use! Most substitute cheap toys from the dollar store for candy.

After that, it’s time to think about the party itself and what food will be provided there. Rather than encourage parents to bring in cookies or cupcakes, consider this list of healthy classroom treat alternatives from also created a list of healthy classroom treats which is more focused on a Valentine’s Day theme.

Of course, if all the students do is eat, that would be a very dull Valentine’s Day party. Fortunately, scholastic has a craft idea to create a Valentine’s Day themed Guess Who game. Students can also play Valentine’s Day Pictionary or Valentine’s Day Bingo.

You can also focus the holiday on showing appreciation for family and friends. Students can do activities like make friendship bracelets to give out or write short notes to each of the other students that lists one thing they like about them.

How are you keeping Valentine’s Day fun without candy?

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